Guaranteed customer satisfaction and after sales service.


We offer a 25 year performance warranty on all our solar panels PLUS 5 year warranties for all our solar inverters.


We provide appropriate secure and affordable service for our residential and commercial clients.

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All of our electricians are fully qualified, licensed and accredited through the Clean Energy Council.


Only certified and accredited solar equipment are supplied & meet Australian Standards (AS/NZS5033 and AS4777).


We use top quality German brands for all our photovoltaic Solar Packages.

call us on: 1300 200 959

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What We Do

We Do Solar Installation
We provide high-quality, affordably priced Solar products to domestic / residential and commercial customers to help customers achieve clean and free electricity across Australia.

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Who We Are

Solar Specialists
Green Engineering is one of Australia’s superior suppliers of Solar PV with offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide as well as regional areas.

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Why We Do It

Support Green Future
Green Engineering believes in a sustainable future through the use of renewable energy technologies to guarantee a clean environmental friendly future.

People Behind Green Engineering

We will provide assistance at every step from the first quote to after the installation to ensure that you are happy with your solar system.

Solar Consultant
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Solar Consultant

Our professional, experienced solar consultants can assist you in selecting the most suitable solar system to meet your needs. We provide free on-site inspections and consultations and will answer any queries that you have.

Solar Installer
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Solar Installer

We use professional CEC Accredited Installers and Designers who adhere to Australian Standards for guaranteed quality, safe solar systems installations and customer satisfaction. They pride themselves in ensuring you are happy with their work and service performed to ensure you receive the best possible solar experience.

Customer Service
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Customer Service

Green Engineering is fully committed to our customers so we strive to provide exceptional customer service in a timely manner. Our knowledgeable, multilingual customer service team will assist in resolving any problems that you have.

  • The electrician found a way to install the system that was better than my original plan and changed the configuration on the day to minimize the impact on existing roof structures. Not only that, the installation of the panels and cabling was an extremely neat job and he cleaned up after himself. Well done!

  • My installation was completed this morning and turned on at midday. The installation crew were very helpful, particularly in changing the configuration "on-the-day" to minimise shadowing and to ensure access to the existing SolaHart panels/tank. The installation of cables and inverter was an extremely neat job. The work area was left neat and tidy. Well done !! Thanks,Alan

  • Installation was extremely good. What happened today during the installation was extremely good. I believe that the installers were superb. I've been in business for a long time and we must recognise people who do a good job. the consultant was brilliant in organising the installation also.

Pricing Plans

Choose from our standard, premium or maximum plan that best suits your needs.



From $2,799

  • 1.5-2.0kW system
  • Annual Generation from:2230kwh
  • Fully Installed
  • Black Frame Panel
  • Suit customers spending approx. $200/qtr



From $6,880

  • 5.0-6.0kW system
  • Annual Generation from:7665kwh
  • Fully Installed
  • Black Frame Panel
  • Suit customers spending more than $500/qtr

Solar FAQ

If I install a solar system will my electricity bills decrease?

Generally, it will save you money on your electricity bills by decreasing the electricity amount you buy from the main grid and you would benefit from receiving FiTs.

What are the costs of installing solar power systems?

It is affordable and a great investment as householders and businesses can continue to save money in the long-term.

Who handles all the paperwork?

The installers will handle the connection paperwork for you to receive FiTs and we will handle all the paperwork for you to receive the STCs.

What are FiTs?

Feed-in tariffs (FiTs) are paid to you by your electricity retailer for excess electricity generated. We will liaise with your electricity supplier after the solar system installation to ensure that you receive FiTs.

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Our Installation Work

Join many other happy householders and businesses that have gone solar for a clean and green future with Green Engineering.

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How Storage System Works