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Introduction to Smart Homes

When you enter your house, wouldn’t it be nice that the pleasant lighting comes on, the roller blinds and curtains go up, the system selects your favorite music, movie, or TV channel, you don’t need to set the light level in the living room mutually, just press a button to change the feel of the room, particularly during a party or guest visit? When you leave your house, after you have turned your key, wouldn’t it be nice that the alarm system goes on, the external blinds closed, temperature is reduced, and all lamps and appliances switched off automatically? When there is no one at home, then why uses up the costly energy? When water from an open tap flooded the house, wouldn’t it be nice the system will automatically turns it off and calls you on your mobile phone?

This is home automation presenting electrics to control your lighting, heating and blind so each item will operate individually and independently. Now it is the time to switch to home automation to ensure each automated system would function together, cooperate and communicate to better serve your needs. They would and should increase your comfort, security, leading to more energy savings and enable any changes and expansion in accordance with your changing needs. Our goal is to provide you the integration of such electrics and such electric devices providing lighting systems, security systems, media control devices systems, and air-conditioning. You can control all these systems with a keyboard or a remote control or a monitor. You can monitor everything via your mobile phone from any given place any time you want and anywhere you are (in your room, your car or your office).

We have a wide and innovative range of products to satisfy all your needs. Please get to know our offer and commence the automation of your house. Our comfortable, innovative, useful home automation is suitable to everyone. This is the technology that will allow you to integrate the work of all your home electronics. You can decide when and what to use anytime you need it and anywhere you are.

All-In-One solar storage grid system

How MyAir makes Home the ultimate Comfort Zone

Comfort is feeling totally in control ? so MyAir gives you 10 zones and the power to adjust the airflow to every room. Comfort is being surrounded by people who make you laugh ? so MyAir’s control panel lets you Facebook, email and watch crazy cat videos on YouTube. Also, comfort is reliability, that’s why MyAir’s components are made in Australia.

Home Hub Smart Tablet
The 8-Inch color touch screen does double duty as an Android home hub. When connected to the Internet, it lets you check the weather, the family calendar, email, play music, ordergroceries, monitor energy usage…
MyAir Series 5 App
Control the system from the comfort of your bed or couch. The MyAir Series 5 App allows most smartphones or tablets to become a wireless remote control. (Apple iOS7+ and Android V4+)

Individual Room Airflow Control Option is included

Motion Sensors Option
Keeps your energy bills more comfortable by automatically reducing the airflow to empty rooms. When you walk back in, airflow returns to your chosen setting.
Australian Made
Our quality components are locally designed and made to withstand harsh Australian conditions.You have the comfort of a 10-year warranty on ducting and mechanical components, and 5 years on electronics.
Compatible with All Major Brands
MyAir Series 5 controls Samsung, Daikin, Fujitsu, LG, Panasonic, Toshiba, Hitachi, Mitsubishi Electric, Carrier and Midea air-conditioners.
Option to add MyLights
Make life even more comfortable by adding MyLights to your home. It seamlessly integrates with MyAir Series 5 and works off the same touch screen.


Control Your Comfort from Virtually Anywhere

Samsung Wi-Fi enable air conditioners aim to change the way you can control your comfort as the control is literally at your finger-tips, virtually no matter where you are. Samsung Wi-Fi enable air conditioners allow the use to control the Air-Conditioning unit via their compatible AndroidTM or iOS Smartphone or compatible Tab (sold separately) while they are in or out of the house.

Easy to Use and Stylish in Design
To accompany your Ducted Air-Conditioning System is a choice of controllers. The MWR-WE 10 is a LCD Backlit controller with a host of features.
Samsung Air Conditioning Committed to After Sales and Warranty Support
Rest assured that you are buying a quality Air-Conditioner with Samsung’s 5 year parts and labor warranty on products provided.


All-In-One solar storage grid system

MyLights. Smart Lighting Made Easy and Affordable.

Comfort is turning every light on as you pull into your driveway, or switching every light off from the warmth of your bed. Comfort is dimming the lights for a movie without leaving the couch, or making your entire house instantly light up if things go bump in the night. Comfort is knowing that with MyLights you can do all this and more, using your phone or MyPlace touch screen.

MyPlace with Internet
The connected home is here. MyLights comes with an 8-inch color Android tablet that controls so much more than your lights. Check emails, order groceries, organize the family calendar, play music… all from one centrally located touch screen.
MyLights App
Turn your mobile into a mobile light switch with My Place App (compatible with Apple iOS7+ and Android v4.1+). Now you can control the lighting to any room, from anywhere in the world. All you need is home wifi set up and internet enabled on your phone.
Option to add MyAir
Make life even more comfortable by adding MyAir Series 5 air-conditioning to your home. It seamlessly integrates with MyLights and works off the MyPlace touch screen and on your phone.
Energy Efficiency & MyEco Button
Generally, LEDs (at 100% brightness) are much more energy efficient than halogen lights. To save even more energy, use the MyEco function. It automatically dims all your lights to 80% brightness ? you’ll barely notice the difference in the room lighting, but you’ll see a big drop in your power bill.
Australian Made
Our quality components are locally designed and made to withstand harsh Australian conditions. You have the comfort of a 10-year warranty on ducting and mechanical components, and 5 years on electronics.


What is Smart Home Security System?

Smart Home Security System is using advanced technology that offers the best protection for your family. It is affordable, smart, easy to operate and innovative.

What are the benefits of a Smart Home Security System?
Using your smart mobile phone to control your home security and using your smart mobile phone to open and close your garage.
Strategically placed sensors monitor your home to keep your family safe.
Multiple Hills Reliance VoiceNavs around your home keeps your family connected with the intercom feature. For example, one upstairs and one downstairs.
External combo siren & strobe draws attention to your home if an intruder is detected.
We provide interest free finance to you with 40 months repayments.


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