About our service


– Request a call back

– Free quotation

– Solar system design tailor made to your household power consumption

– Professional solar panel roof layout image to be provided

– Interest free finance option

– Seamless process, professional and quick approach to the solutions

About our service


– Pre-installation inspection if required 

– Solar connect application and meter change application will be submitted on behalf of customer

– Friendly and highly experienced CEC licensed installers 

– Professional design and install of solar panels to obtain the highest efficiency 

– Warranty and technical support for your solar system

About our service

Technical Support

– Quick response to your service enquiries

– Approach us by phone, txt messages, email or social media for all your customer service needs

– Technical support and advice on solar system performance

– Book your technician visit for inspection and quotation

– Free advice on trade in or upgrade your current solar system

– Commitment of your privacy protection, your personal information is kept safe and secure