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ABB / Power One Aurora Riso Low Errors – what can you do?

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What does the Riso Low Error mean?

According to the ABB / Power One Aurora operators manual Riso Low indicates the inverter has detected low insulation resistance on the DC side of your solar power system; this is usually not an issue with the inverter but with the DC circuit connected to the inverter. This could be an issue with the cabling, with the DC isolators or with the solar panels.

ABB / Power One Aurora Inverter Riso Low Fault – What To Do

If your ABB / Power One Aurora inverter is showing a Riso Low Fault as mentioned above it’s usually an insulation resistance fault on the DC side. This is an issue which is going to require the expertise of a local solar power expert

If you have 2 Solar DC Isolators at the Inverter try this

One thing you can try if you have 2 solar DC isolators beside your inverter is try turning off one of the isolators to isolate the fault. It is possible that the insulation resistance problem your inverter is seeing is just on 1 of the inputs into your inverter so you may be able to isolate the problem and get your solar power system working temporarily on half power. To try this do the following if your have 2 Solar DC Isolators beside your inverter:

  1. Turn the Solar Supply Main Switch OFF
  2. Turn both Solar DC Isolators OFF
  3. Wait for the inverter screen to go blank
  4. Turn 1 of the Solar DC Isolators back ON
  5. Turn the Solar Supply Main Switch back ON
  6. See if the inverter starts up without a fault.
  7. If the inverter starts up with the Riso Low fault again try repeating steps 1 to 6 but on step 4 turn ON the other Solar DC Isolator.
  8. If the inverter has started up without the Riso Low error then you have isolated the fault to the Solar DC input which is turned OFF, you still will require a solar power expert to get your solar power system fully operational again.