QuestionsCategory: ConsultingHow can I select a reputable solar retailer?
Jack asked 3 years ago

How can I select a reputable solar retailer?

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admin answered 3 years ago

There are two ways to ensure you are buying your solar PV system from a reliable retailer:
1. Choose a Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer.
Approved retailers have signed the Solar PV Retailer Code of Conduct, which means they are committed to ethical sales and marketing activity, use high-quality components and will guarantee the operation of your system for at least five years.
You can trust an Approved Solar Retailer to handle every part of the process involved in installing solar, from planning the best system for your needs to helping you get it connected to the grid.
Find an Approved Solar Retailer in your area.
2. Shop around and do your research.
Before you select a system, make sure you talk to multiple solar retailers about your options and obtain several quotes.
For advice on things to watch out for and useful questions to ask, visit finding a solar retailer or download our guide to installing solar for households or businesses.