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Trevor asked 2 years ago

I recently had a 1.52kw system installed. The meter was installed at the same time. The meter is a good 120m from the inverter. I have noticed a significant difference in the reading at the meter to that on the inverter. At last reading the meter read 130units but the meter was only 30. I thought it must be the way I am reading it but I received my first bill which confirmed I had read the units generated correctly on the meter. Are you able to suggest what may be happening here? Thanks

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admin answered 2 years ago

Hi Trevor,
Not sure if the voltage drop across the 120m distance could fully account for the difference in your inverter readings and the meter readings, but this could be the case, especially if the proper gauge of cable was used (unlikely, but potentially possible). Alternatively, there could be a problem with the inverter itself, but this is also unlikely. Contact whoever installed the meter and its cabling and ask if this could explain the difference between your expectations and the actual system production. Best of luck.