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Ned asked 2 years ago

Hello.Is it possible to have a solar system set up that is connected to the grid and be able to do the following:Have appliances, pumps, etc, only turn on when enough energy is being produced from solar. eg, our bore or pool pump to turn on only when the solar system is producing enough power to run them. I don’t need them to run every day (such as in cloudy days). But mainly I don’t want to draw power from the grid to pay for their usage.On the other hand I want other appliances, at the same time, to run via solar/grid as per demand (eg fridges).I’m OK if I need to install a gadget to do this but preferably one that can be set up to turn on the pumps automatically when solar energy is produced.Last but not least, I would also want an override switch to use power from the grid if I need to run these pumps anytime manually.Hope I made myself clear.

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admin answered 2 years ago

Hi Ned,
There are certainly ways to do this. Timers would be the most rudimentary way, but a timer-based strategy could fall down in the event of overly cloudy weather. There are other, more sophisticated and intelligent approaches out there – including software like carbonTRACK. As far as an override switch is concerned, intelligent, app-based software could surely do that if set up properly, but if you want more manual control over your devices then I’m sure you could have an electrician install a switch like that for you.