QuestionsCategory: ConsultingWhat does a typical home solar power system consist of?
Linda asked 2 years ago

What does a typical home solar power system consist of?

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The heart of a photovoltaic solar power system is the solar array. Made up of multiple panels (individually measuring roughly 1 by 1.5 meters), this array absorbs the energy of a specific range of available sunlight and converts this energy into electrical energy.
The array mounts on a frame that allows the panels to be secure with minimal interference with the waterproofing and structure of the roof.  Most importantly it provides the correct aspect and elevation for the array so as that the maximum amount of available sunlight in received and converted.
A cable runs down from the array to the inverter. The inverter is a device that efficiently converts the widely fluctuating power from the solar array into a predictable and usable energy feed.
A second cable connects the inverter to your house’s switchboard, which is in turn connects to the main power grid. This creates a continuous and dynamic system for the contribution of solar energy to your house. The inverter also acts as a simple data logger. An information screen on the inverter will display total energy production, daily energy production, and instantaneous power. These figures will fluctuate depending on the time of year, the cloud cover, and temperature, and will allow you to keep a record of your system’s performance.
Solar power systems can also optionally include easy-to-use remote monitors, internet enabled data loggers, and even sensors to determine solar availability, panel temperature, air temperature, and wind speed. Ask your sales representative for more information.